Our beloved Pam Robb‘s passing has left an undescribable pain and void for all of us.

We first and foremost would like to Express that our focus is now healing from this terrible tragedy. We send our love and grieve with all that we have. Angie her beautiful wife, her family, friends, students, supporters and we ask for prayers for healing for Jan, Colleen and our entire Rescue family, all the animals that loved her and that she loved.
Pam was made of kindness, understanding, compassion, love and peace. She taught us all to find the best in everything and everyone. Pam‘s dedication and love is unmatched. Pam has been part of our rescue family for eight years. We ask God to guide us.
Pam was a teacher and she taught us all to be kinder, to be stronger and to spread peace. We will spend every moment in her honor to do good and care for each other and the animals.
Those of you who follow our mission know that we are one big family. We lost one of our own.
We ask for continued prayers and time. Pam’s legacy will live on through all of us. We will be sure that every eye that is kissed, every ounce of goodness, Love and light will be in Pam’s honor.
We thank you for your love and support. We see the kindness and the love that is helping all of us to try and cope. If you knew Pam you would know she was devoted to her beautiful wife, all of the animals, her family, her rescue family. Anyone who came in contact with Pam felt her beautiful light and we will carry it with us.
Pam‘s energy was contagious, she formed bonds with so many making everyone feel her love.
She went to schools educating the community on our mission and animal welfare. She spent endless hours volunteering through the years and loved each and every being that came her way. Pam loved every living creature.
Pam would want us all to continue with strength and love in our hearts. She was the voice of the voiceless. We love you so much Pam. We will try to be more like you every day.
For the rescue communities who have shown your outpour of overwhelming love and support we thank you. We know that Pam would want our missions to continue. Please work together, be kind and Spread Peace and love. Every life matters, every breed matters. Pam loved them all. We must all pull together. There will always be the evil and the negativity. Pam taught us and always would remind us through the years to live in the light. Pam taught us to move forward with peace love and kindness. We will continue our mission in Pam‘s memory and honor her always.
please dear God hear our prayers 🙏🏻 Guide us. Hold all of us. We love you Pam always and forever💕

7 Comments on "Our beloved Pam Robb‘s passing has left an undescribable pain and void for all of us."

  • Donna Cole says

    I am so, so, sorry that this has happened. I just couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. Please know that I hope that in Pam’s honnor that the rescue will go on. I hope to one day be able to come to your rescue and help. Everyone there is so kind and really love the animals. My niece new Pam. She was a coach and was on apposing teams but she said that she was very nice. I wish I could have met her. Please take the time to heal, and we all will be here when your ready. May God bless you all.

  • Roberta says

    My condolences to each of you on the passing of wonderful loving Pam! May the memory of Pam’s devotion and love of those who are voiceless continue. The best gift would be, keeping “100 plus Abandoned dogs of the Everglades Florida Rescue” healed and continue their mission!

  • Lisa Jenson says

    Pam, may God bless your beautiful soul. You will be missed and the dogs you loved will miss you too. God bless and watch over your family and give them strength to go on without your love, dedication, love and warmth that you shared with all of us. May you always have eternal piece and continue to watch over all of us especially the 100 plus family..

  • So sorry for her family loss. And the rescue group .I am sending prayers and love for all of you. Keep doing everything you guys do and I know she will be watching over you guys and all the sweet babies you guys save. God bless you

  • Mary DeSutter says

    There are no words to describe what has happened to Pam and your rescue. My heart goes out to Pam’s family and also her rescue family. We are all in this together. I feel that as a religious folower of 100 plus that we all lost part of our soul when this tragedy happened. It was a shock! No one could have predicted this, only God knows. I believe there is a reason for everything and something good will happen because of this. Seems bad to say but it is true. Believe in God’s way. I hope that in time you will feel ready to continue posting and updating the success of your rescue. You are the best there is!!! Believe in what you do, there are many people who follow you and support you. Bless you all!!

  • Connie Kline says

    I have followed your rescue for years, sending donations often. I am still feeling your pain. So sorrry for the loss of Pam, and yes, even Gladys. I have worried about Tiffiny. Please let her know we have missed her! Sending thoughts and prayers to you and yours .

  • Nicole Rosenbloom says

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Pam. My heart hurts for all of you.