Available for Adoption puppy Aria

This Adorable girl is available for Adoption
Small mix breed a little over 2 months of age
We rescued Aria along with her 7 siblings & mommy.
Must be local
No small children due to their size
Must have a flexible work schedule
To inquire about adoption please email us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com
Located in south Florida

1 Comment on "Available for Adoption puppy Aria"

  • Jennifer says

    If this means anything, I have her sister, Addie. We’ve had her for about 10 days and she is so well-adjusted and so good. She doesn’t bark she settles down in her playpen when I need to take a shower she sleeps in a bed in our bed between my husband and I, she goes on the Wee wee pad during the night, goes outside during the day, she is a snuggle bunny and we adore her. I know every dog is different but these dogs were raised with their mom and that makes a big difference. Great fostering.