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Happy Adoption day for Trinity!

Trinity found Abandonded on the streets of Miami!
Thank you Susie & family for opening your beautiful hearts & home. Let the spoiling begin.
May you Never see anything bad again sweet Trinity ❤️
100 + Abandonded dogs of Everglades Florida

A family with three 100+ rescues, our hearts are broken.

We love all of you and the wonderful work you do every single day. You save the lost, sick, unloved, unwanted. You bring life and love back to these dogs. You are angels on this earth and real life miracle workers. This tragedy is devastating beyond comprehension and I can’t imagine the heartbreak you are suffering. You always step up when no one else will. When Hudson and Nate were locked in a bedroom in a hoarding house, you were there to save them. When Frosty was left behind because he couldn’t walk, you stepped up and saved him. Another rescue left him behind like he wasn’t worthy, but you stepped up and saved him. When no one would save Gladys from a horrible painful death abandoned on the rocks in the Everglades, not even animal control, you stepped up. I am forever thankful to you for saving my babies and all of the dogs you have stepped up to save. This tragic accident could have happened to any rescue especially one who takes in the most in need. I’m so sorry you’re all hurting. My thoughts are with Jan and I hope for a quick peaceful healing of her body and spirit. Jan you were an amazing Foster mommy to Frosty. You nursed his damaged little body back to health and he’s growing so big and strong. I love all of you and admire the work you do. There’s no glamor in rescue work, it’s a day in day out challenge every single day and you put in 100% everyday and you do it with love and grace. Rest in perfect peace Pam, your loving heroic work on this earth will forever be your legacy ♥️
Love & Healing prayers for our 100 + Family


Twinkle has found her Forever Home With her mommy Cheri & fur brother Chester
Twinkle is settling in so beautifully.
Cheri walks four times a day, retired has nothing but love & time to spoil our Twinkle.
Loves her fenced beautiful yard. She’s sleeping in bed with her mommy & Chester & loves all the attention & cuddling.
Twinkle you will be loved & spoiled as you should have been your entire life.


We will Forever remember our sweet BALTO
As our warrior who fought through every single obstacle that life dealt him.
Born with hydrocephalus 3 shunt surgeries & NOTHING KEPT OUR BALTO DOWN.
Nobody said life was fair.
BALTO taught us All To Never give up, to enjoy life to the fullest!
A medical marvel marked by god Twice!
A heart on his chest & a cross on his forehead.
BALTO we promise to continue in your honor & remember everything you taught us. We made you a promise we would Never let you suffer & tonight sadly BALTO went into kidney failure. We must have kissed his face 1 million times as he passed in our arms surrounded by love. He came into this world as love and left this world surrounded by nothing but unconditional love. Balto run run run. You are free & whole again our sweetest boy. There will never ever be another BALTO NEVER!! We are sitting here going through millions of photos and videos and remembering all the beautiful times that we had with Balto as we write to share with all of you his passing as our hearts are completely shattered. Please God Wrap your arms around us, please give us the strength to keep pushing forward. We will do this for BALTO. We learned from the best. This is not goodbye. We will see you again our sweet Balto. We love you so so much. ❤️

Tiffy is officially Adopted & Home!

One person’s trash is Another’s Treasure
Tiffy is officially Adopted & Home!
This sweet sweet girl Tiffy a Yorkie was brought to the Palm Beach Shelter to be euthanized. Thank God we were placed at the right time in the right place to save her life. When we heard the person say they brought her there to be euthanized we asked immediately what’s wrong with her she said she’s old. We said yes but what’s wrong with her she said she has poop on her feet. At that moment we took Tiffy under our rescue. We promised her life where she would be loved unconditionally.

Happy Beautiful life sweet Tula Today is your Adoption Day ❤️

Thank you Drew & Family
Welcome to our 100+ Family

Happy life Tatum Today is your Adoption Day!

Thank you Stephanie for opening your loving heart & home.
Happy life sweet boy ❤️

Puppy Mervin is officially home with his loving mommy Audrey.

Happy life sweet Boy❤️
Forever connected ~Forever Family

Our sweet Dior now Gracie is Home

Two beautiful Angels sent ❤️
Amy and Carol, We are so blessed to have came across you and your amazing organization. Our precious Gracie is a true blessing and we are humbled to have her in our life’s.
She did good walking when we got home and now she is resting in her cage.

We are doing our best to get through this.

Pam we feel your love all around us.
We know how much you loved giving sweet Dharma her chariot rides.
Everything we do we think of you in your honor. We are all doing our best to carry on.
Thank you for your love & continued prayers