A family with three 100+ rescues, our hearts are broken.

We love all of you and the wonderful work you do every single day. You save the lost, sick, unloved, unwanted. You bring life and love back to these dogs. You are angels on this earth and real life miracle workers. This tragedy is devastating beyond comprehension and I can’t imagine the heartbreak you are suffering. You always step up when no one else will. When Hudson and Nate were locked in a bedroom in a hoarding house, you were there to save them. When Frosty was left behind because he couldn’t walk, you stepped up and saved him. Another rescue left him behind like he wasn’t worthy, but you stepped up and saved him. When no one would save Gladys from a horrible painful death abandoned on the rocks in the Everglades, not even animal control, you stepped up. I am forever thankful to you for saving my babies and all of the dogs you have stepped up to save. This tragic accident could have happened to any rescue especially one who takes in the most in need. I’m so sorry you’re all hurting. My thoughts are with Jan and I hope for a quick peaceful healing of her body and spirit. Jan you were an amazing Foster mommy to Frosty. You nursed his damaged little body back to health and he’s growing so big and strong. I love all of you and admire the work you do. There’s no glamor in rescue work, it’s a day in day out challenge every single day and you put in 100% everyday and you do it with love and grace. Rest in perfect peace Pam, your loving heroic work on this earth will forever be your legacy ♥️
Love & Healing prayers for our 100 + Family

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