We honestly do not even know where to begin.

We received the most heartbreaking news about our sweet Lola. Cookie and Lola were a beautiful bonded pair that were being forced to live outside their entire life in a yard sleeping on dirt. Amy would sit in her backyard and would hear cries every day every night until she would get into her car and drive around & around searching for those cries.
One day she saw the two faces staring back at her and made attempts to get the owner to surrender finally they were out of that horrible life. They came into our organization where they were loved adored and spoiled by each and everyone of our volunteers. We finally found them their happily ever after together their forever home. Recently their wonderful mommy reached out to us to let us know the sad news that Lola had passed away after being diagnosed with cancer. Sadly there was nothing that we could do to save her no medical no surgery.
Cookie is thriving with her new wonderful mommy & for that we are so grateful. we will all keep Lola in our hearts and in our memories until we meet again. Lola please watch over your sister Cookie and watch over all of us. We love you so much and we will miss you every single day. Our peace is knowing that you passed in a loving home where you are loved and adored unconditionally. Forever Lola that’s where you will stay in our hearts.

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