WE DID IT!!! HE DID IT!! ❤️🙏❤️

My sweetest little foster boy, my Misser, made it to the 2 year mark!! I am a couple of days late with this post because I have been sick in bed all week..but he made it!! The below post was from a year ago when I was so excited he got to the year mark.. now here we are, 2yrs in, which at his diagnosis we were told that should be all we could expect..and here we are and he is still THRIVING!! He is happy, he is goofy, he is loving and affectionate, he is playful, and bossy, and demanding.. He LOVES his foster siblings, he loves me, and he loves everyone he meets. Has it been easy, no, has there been rough patches and stress, yes. .is it a lot to take him to his appointments every 3rd and 4th week, it can be at times.. But is it 1 million percent worth it all for him, ABSOLUTELY!!! I am truly honored to be his hospice foster mom, I try and make everyday a great one for him, there has not been a day he has not been with me(unless he was in hospital)he comes to work with me everyday, loves his car rides, wrestling his foster brothers, zooming in the yard, chewing his bones, and stealing every bone his brothers want .. stealing stuffies and thinking he can get away with it, snuggling, kissing your face off, standing on your chest just staring at you, blocking the view of the TV, and when he wants food, yours or his, you better believe your gonna know it!! And let’s not forget the absolutely most adorable woof woofs, and that WADDLE!! He has brought such joy to my life, and I will be here with him and for him every day we have left.. God willing we will celebrate year 3!! Happy Gotcha Day Mario!! My sweet Misser❤️🙏❤️
NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!!! The AMAZING supporters of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida !!❤️

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