We wanted to take a moment to Thank all of our amazing supporters for helping us save this beautiful family! We got a call on June 19th asking us to take in a family of dogs. We told them we could only take them if they were parvo negative, so we met the owner at the hospital and Tiffany took a very sick puppy in to the hospital to be tested for parvo. It came back positive, and the vet informed us he was very far along and would most certainly die without immediate treatment. We know from experience that if one puppy has parvo then good chance they all do, so we decided to test mommy, and she too came back positive. At first we told the owner we could not take them, that it would be too costly to treat 9 parvo positive babies, especially since we had just treated another litter just weeks prior. But we knew if we didn’t take them, they would not have been taken to the vet, or gotten proper treatment and they would have died slow, agonizing deaths..So we decided to take them, we had the owner surrender all the puppies and Mom with the understanding we would take them in, get them the medical care they needed and then find them all loving homes. That’s when panic set in, as you all saw on the live video, because there was no hospital able to take them all, or even some of them. It took a while but we eventually were able to get 5 babies into Coral Springs Animal Hospital, and then 3 babies and Mommy were admitted into Leader hospital. At the time they were admitted one puppy was near death, another had started seizing, and once in hospital all 8 babies and Mommy did test positive for parvo..it was touch and go, all on IVs, most needed GI tubes, one puppy had 3 seizures, mommy ended up getting very ill a few days after her babies did.. Finally 3 babies were able to be discharged after weeks and went to foster. The 5 other babies and Mommy then were moved to Blue Pearl for extended treatment before being released. BUT they all made it!! All 8 babies and Mommy are alive and well because they got the medical care they so desperately needed, and that is because YOU all donated to their care! I am posting some before and after photos, along with most of the invoices. We only have 1 invoice from Blue Pearl for only 1 puppy, so we are waiting on the ones for the other 4 pups and mom for their stay at Blue Pearl. But you can see the invoices from Lead Er, Coral Springs, and VCA. Just these invoices that we have, again still waiting on 5 more to come in, total $47,391.11.That’s what it costs to save their lives.. We believe they were worth every cent! And we THANK YOU!!! 🙏❤️🐶🐾

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