This baby girl has been fighting so very hard for her little life after being surrendered to our organization with parvo. Sadly her puppies were not so lucky as they lost their figh & have passed 😞🌈
Heidi is going to make a full recovery & will thankfully have a chance at a wonderful life.While she still remains in the Coral Springs 24 hour animal Hospital they are removing the feeding tube transferring her from IV antibiotics to oral antibiotics. We still have a vet bill of $5000 that we have not met. The total bill after our discount was in the high 16,000’s. We are asking please help us raise the funds to cover her medical bill so that we as a rescue continue to say yes when we receive these calls to help save these poor lives that have nobody but us. No amount is too small, every little bit helps and we so greatly appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for your love & ongoing support for our ongoing mission. Heidi is the proof that what we do is making that difference.

This is our plea to you please Donate Heidi is Fighting so hard for her little life after being surrendered to our organization with her baby Majesty who sadly didn’t make it 😞
I am attaching the bills from Coral Springs animal Hospital and I’m asking you to please refrain from posting how high the bill is. Please refrain from saying things like they’re gouging us they’re taking advantage of us,it is not going to help Heidi and her fight to live. Every single 24 hour animal hospital in our area is the same give or take a few hundred dollars. The problem is most hospitals are full they are not accepting animals they are short of doctors. Coral Springs is the only hospital that could take us immediately as these dogs were dying bleeding vomiting due to parvo virus. And yes we know the owner is irresponsible he did not vaccinate which put these poor dogs in the situation. He had no money while the dogs were suffering and dying in his hands. We could not turn away we are going to fight as Heidi is fighting with every ounce that she has to live. Please we are asking to refrain from any negative comments and let’s all stay focused and positive and helping Heidi win her fight to live. Thank you.

This Baby girl Heidi is Fighting for her life! Iv fluids, a feeding tube, plasma transfusion & many antibiotics. Mommy Heidi just a baby is Fighting after losing all her babies to the Horrible painful virus Parvo. Heidi has improved a tiny bit since she arrived at the 24 hour animal hospital Coral Springs. We are asking please! For your prayers & your continued support by donating. Heidi’s estimate was 10,000 for 4 days of treatment.
Her daughter Majesty sadly didn’t make it. She lost her fight. We are doing everything in our power to save Heidi. The Dr is updating us twice a day on her condition. Last update Heidi has been regurgitating her food from the tube so they pulled back a bit and they’re starting her back on the feeding as she needs to eat to heal and to get better. Her blood work is improving a tiny bit since the plasma transfusion. All we can do is pray and give this baby girl every chance at survival. Please continue your love and your support for Heidi. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your ongoing prayers love and support we will keep you posted as we receive updates. Thank you ❤️ And our ongoing mission
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