Would you PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SWEET GORGEOUS BOY!!!! Goose!!Thanks to each and everyone of you that fought and made your calls to free this boys life from being locked in a cage outside in the heat 24 seven. Goose was neutered today he did fantastic. He is completely vaccinated and microchipped. He is one year of age. He had a life of pure hell and neglect along with abuse. Your voices were heard. This is the results of making a difference maybe not in every single dog but definitely making a difference in this boys life. Thank you all so much for your ongoing love and support now let’s try to find a home for this amazing amazing boy. All he wants is love as he is starving for affection and never received it. Share this post please he is ready to find his forever home and family. We believe he is very dog friendly a meet and greet is a must. Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. If you are interested in offering goose a loving forever home email Us At 100Plusabandoneddogs@gmail.comGoose says THANK YOU!!! For saving his life!!!

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