Good evening – as you know the calls are coming in faster and faster for so many Abandoned dogs that are being left on the streets.

As we all know these dogs cannot survive alone on the streets they depend on us for everything. I received a call this morning from a kind woman Eli who found these two dogs and didn’t have the heart to put them back on the street when she was told by the shelter that’s what she was to do that they were full to capacity and they were not taking any dogs. They were infested with fleas.
They needed to be seen by a veterinarian and Eli needed assistance in order to bring them in her home and not put them back on the street. I immediately made an appointment with our veterinarian at Vca Imperial Point Ah animal Hospital they were both treated for flea infestation medicated baths oral antibiotics for skin infection ear antibiotics for ear infections. They also received bloodwork & vaccines. Salami & Pastrami are two of the lucky ones!
While we cannot save them all we are certainly doing what we can to assist every wich way whether it is taking the Rescues into our rescue saving dogs that are left in horrific and abusive situations such as dogs left in cages outside in the Florida heat fighting with officials and Animal Control to get these dogs safe with all of your help. Our vet bill was over 1,000 today to help these two precious dogs.
If you can help us by donating to our ongoing mission & allowing us to continue to say Yes with SO MANY IN NEED,
We truly appreciate you! It takes a VILLAGE!!!
Thank you in advance for any assistance ❤️
Two less dogs are alone roaming the dangerous streets because we said Yes ❤️

If you prefer to mail your donation –
Mailing address is
100 Plus Animal Rescue Inc
17101 77th lane N
Loxahatchee Florida 33470
Please Donate HerePaypal.…

Florida Department of Agriculture CH36663
100 plus Animal Rescue Inc.
17101 77th lane N Loxahatchee Florida 33470

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