God has received another Angel.

God has received another Angel. Our hearts and our prayers go out to our amazing adopter and friend FernandoSending you All our love & prayers
Rest in Eternal Peace Shayna / Preta
Friday, Jun 4th 2021
The Day My Heart Got Smaller.
Hey Meu Bebe, I can’t believe that has been 4 years since Amy Roman-Daniello brought into our lives. I forever will be thankful to her for that.
We supposed to fosterer you for a while only… but we felt in love and you stayed.
You came to us as “Shayna” but pretty fast became “Preta” ( my grandma’s nickname… I was hers Preto) or “Peta, Pepeta, Pretinha, Baby, Bebê or Preta Maria( when I was mad)”. Hehe
So many names for a little girl with a huge personality.
I love the way you walks, proudly, bouncing on the streets like they were made with springs… I love your stubbornness … I love the way you are picky with food, making me change the menu often or feed you in my hands…
Damn Pretinha, you trained me very well. Hehe.
I love the way you see the world, even being blind, with happiness!
We love you soooo very much Baby and that is why I have to let you go… no more pain, no more suffer.
Good bye Pepeta, you will be with us forever… part of my heart is going with you. #foreverloved.

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  • Anne Laquidara says

    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for loving her. She will always be there in your heart and in your memories.