We have been asked countless times what happened to Dior. If you remember she was surrendered to our organization by her owner. After she brought Dior to the 24 hr emergency animal hospital Access with a broken leg screaming in pain. When the hospital reached out to us we of course said yes and thanks to all of you that donated we were able to repair her broken leg. The last video we posted we were rushing her back to the hospital and she was crying in pain which was so gut wrenching for all of us. She has since been seen by the surgeon several times radiographs taken to assure she was moving in the right direction.
Her amazing new mommy Elizabeth and daddy have been such a blessing not only to us but of course to Dior now Gracie. She is cone free, she got the clear that she can run and play and be a normal dog. Mommy Elizabeth has been so diligent taking her back-and-forth to her appointments.
Just this morning I received a message stating she gave her a nice hot bath and she was running around playing and being that happy girl she so deserves to be. If you remember when we received a call the hospital said if we could not take her they would have no other option but to euthanize. We immediately said yes! Her surgery was over $5000 a dog we never touched a dog we never met. That is what Rescue does. We could not do this without all of you your love your support for our ongoing mission. She still needs to be spayed vaccinated and microchip which will be done soon.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, kindness & prayers for our 100 + Team.

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