Good Morning Becky 13 yrs of age was surrendered by her family to an overcrowded stressful kill shelter Leaving her shaking, trembling, & confused. I’m sure you can imagine how terrifying this is for any dog not to mention a senior 13 yrs of age. Our rescue was able to save her life thanks to a foster and previous adopter of ours TK who adopted our sweet Elijah. At first Becky was not excepting Elijah. As you can see with time, patience & unconditional love we have made some beautiful progress. The reason I am sharing this with all of you is because I want everybody to understand there is a process these dogs are labeled aggressive, fearful, & unadoptable when they first enter a shelter system. That is basically a death sentence. We must understand these animals have feelings they are living breathing souls That need time to decompress out of the shelter environment. Every life matters every age matters every breed matters. Please remember when you open your heart & your home to an animal in need you are making that animal a forever commitment. Please try to share and educate with your friends and your family how many dogs are in the shelter system that do not make it out alive. We can do better we must do better! Becky and Elijah are slowly getting comfortable with each other and we would like to send our love and our thanks to TK who is doing all the work. Our rescue is supporting Becky and covering all medical. She recently saw our veterinarian and Will need her teeth addressed she has a couple of broken painful teeth we are waiting on the bloodwork to come back. She has arthritis she is on proper pain medication. We are committed to Becky and TK for as long as she is on this earth. Please find it in your hearts to make a contribution towards Becky‘s ongoing medical care and our ongoing mission so we can continue to save the Becky’s in the world. Thank you.

And our ongoing mission.

If you prefer to mail your donation –
Mailing address is
100 Plus Animal Rescue Inc
17101 77th lane N
Loxahatchee Florida 33470
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Florida Department of Agriculture CH36663
100 plus Animal Rescue Inc.
17101 77th lane N Loxahatchee Florida 33470

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