We will Forever remember our sweet BALTO
As our warrior who fought through every single obstacle that life dealt him.
Born with hydrocephalus 3 shunt surgeries & NOTHING KEPT OUR BALTO DOWN.
Nobody said life was fair.
BALTO taught us All To Never give up, to enjoy life to the fullest!
A medical marvel marked by god Twice!
A heart on his chest & a cross on his forehead.
BALTO we promise to continue in your honor & remember everything you taught us. We made you a promise we would Never let you suffer & tonight sadly BALTO went into kidney failure. We must have kissed his face 1 million times as he passed in our arms surrounded by love. He came into this world as love and left this world surrounded by nothing but unconditional love. Balto run run run. You are free & whole again our sweetest boy. There will never ever be another BALTO NEVER!! We are sitting here going through millions of photos and videos and remembering all the beautiful times that we had with Balto as we write to share with all of you his passing as our hearts are completely shattered. Please God Wrap your arms around us, please give us the strength to keep pushing forward. We will do this for BALTO. We learned from the best. This is not goodbye. We will see you again our sweet Balto. We love you so so much. ❤️

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