Fergie has bad kidney failure, anemia and a pyometra. I’m sending her home with antibiotics and eye med. Her right hind isn’t painful and is old, patella luxation. She also has heart issues. She is not ready to let go yet according to the doctor said to take it one day at a time she’s […]

Fergie is Safe! πŸ’œ Another life Saved!

SKIN & BONES!!! Every single rib & vertebrae Protruding completely matted to the skin. All 3 to 4 pounds of Fergie a little tiny Yorkie starving and nothing but love. Please make a donation she will need to be seen by our veterinarian & eye specialist. Honestly humanity you have failed Will you help us […]

Mario is heading for his 31st treatment today.

Thank you so very much for your ongoing prayers for Mario. Mario is heading for his 31st treatment today. Please help us continue to do everything we can for Mario by donating. Thank YOU to everyone who did donate to help Mario!!

Today is our sweetest boy Harry’s surgery day.

This sweet forgiving & grateful boy has endured so!! Much!! We rescued Harry from the Miami Dade shelter in the most heartbreaking condition due to such Neglect! Completely matted to the skin. His eye was so matted shut we weren’t sure what we would find after rushing him to the 24 hour emergency hospital where […]