With completely shattered hearts we share the news …

Just a baby!! With completely shattered hearts we share the news that Bowden has passed away. Just a baby that we rescued from the hell of Miami on Sunday. These dogs are being forced to live in the most unimaginable conditions. They’re being shot at they are being poisoned. We brought Bowden in with her sister baby where they went immediately to the Animal Hospital for medical care. We noticed Bowden was lethargic we decided to bring her to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists¬†today to be monitored around the clock. We received a call from the hospital her heart had stopped and she stopped breathing. Our crew arrived and SAT waiting for hourswe were able to spend time with her and tell her we love her, told her to fight to come back to us. I guess God had another plan in store for Bowden. Please say a prayer for Bowden. For all the other sufferings souls still out there.
Run free Bowden. Know you were loved!


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