Good Afternoon,
I have been advised that by or public records office that they have received request for this case information. Although they are unable to complete the request right away due to this being an open and ongoing investigation I wanted to provide you with a brief update as you had requested from the Officer on scene yesterday. One of our Officer conducted an unannounced follow up at the address at 11:00am today and observed that the dog in question was inside of the home upon his arrival. The Officer noted that the dog did not appear to be in distress at the time that he was present. In reviewing Officer Mesa’s call from yesterday’s response, it is noted that you expressed concern for the dog being mangy, especially around the face, a concern that I can definitely understand considering the photo that you provided us with in response to our request this morning. I reviewed the photos taken by Officer Mesa while on scene yesterday in comparison to the photograph you provided me with this morning, the apparent mange was no longer present (photo included for reference). In speaking with Officer Mesa I learned that what appeared to be mange in your photo was actually sand on the dogs muzzle, which is why the suspected mange from the photo you obtained was not addressed further. Please know that although we did follow up today and confirm that the dog is being kept inside the home, we are keeping this call open at this time. That said, if you learn of this dog returning to the outside tether without proper shelter prior to our follow up and closing of this call please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and Stay Safe,


3 Comments on "WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS???"

  • I hope that one of the neighbors is keeping a eye out on the house that this 6 month old rottreiller is staying inside to make sure that this dog is not taken outside tied up or not tied up cause it is too hot for this dog and there are alligators in the pond outside the house. Tammy, could you respond to this message when it is possible for you to do so. I understand that the dog is staying in the aunts house next door to this owner’s house (the sick basterd’s house).

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Gail – yes, so far the dog has been kept inside. People are watching and will alert us if things change.

  • Tammy, when you say the dog is staying inside the house so far, does that mean next door inside the aunt’s house??