What an amazing update on mommy Joy.

Such an amazing save and worth all the fight. If you remember mommy Joy and her puppies along with star, Jax, Dolce & Cabbana, max, Herbie Versace.. All rescued from the Abusive hoarding case in Miami. The Abuser was arrested and brought up on felony charges. Court date is coming up. Mommy Joy was Emaciated and dragged around on a rusty chain by her abuser. Today look at Mommy Joy. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. Update from her new mommy & Daddy
I got an update from Mommy Joy’s family today and wanted to share :
Joy has been great from day 1! She is so loving, and sweet. She cuddles on the couch with us, and when she’s tired, she climbs into bed and waits for us. Joy sleeps between us each night with her head on the pillows.
She loves showers, milk bones, chew bones, and playing with toys. She hates walking in wet grass, lol.
Joy is great with people and has firmly learned sit, stay, down, and come. She walks on the leash beautifully, and is a very happy easy going dog. She’s had 2 mani/ pedis! We are so happy she is a part of the family

Mommy Joy

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