Welcome Pina & Colada..

Found roaming the streets of miami filthy and flea and tick infested..please donate towards their care. Bonded pair To donate 100plusabandoneddogs.org
To inquire about adoption 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com

3 Comments on "Welcome Pina & Colada.."

  • Miriam Neal says

    Oh my, the video is wonderful

  • Miriam Neal says

    Sent my application, I am on an IPAD so I did my best to convert the PDF. However if it doesn’t work, I can try something different. I just didn’t want to flood you with apps.
    I have had Terriers in the past. They look like they have the right disposition to work and train

  • I am sure that I want to adopt these two beautiful babies. I lost one of my rescued dogs last year (she was with me for 13 years) she looked just like these two. This year I lost my second
    rescue (she was with me for 17 years). They loved each other so much, and my husband and I loved them so much. Could you please give me the process for adoption and also the cost.
    We live in Brevard County close to Sebastian Florida. We will drive to Fort Lauderdale to meet them and bring them to a loving home.