We would like to say Thank you for all of your Love, prayers and kind words.

Yesterday evening we had to say goodbye to our Beautiful Maggie. The sadness is immeasurable. We fought the fight with her every step of the way. There really aren’t enough words to describe the void and to describe Maggie. She was beyond special and in many ways we feel we will never be the same. Maggie was such a force of Love and kindness, virtues that are rare and sometimes seem impossible to find. She is missed in this house by her Mommies and her siblings, it’s an empty feeling. The only comfort is memories and the Love she left in our hearts. Maggie’s love could never be justified with only words but, I will try. Amy Roman-Daniello rescued her from a chicken coup, she would peck you like a chicken for love LOL she had a bad leg and one bad eye and maggots. She was always gracious, humble, kind and unconditional. In the beginning especially and throughout her life she always felt an unworthiness. I swear there was a human in there. She always watched over her family and was happiest when we were all together. It’s impossible to articulate Maggie love. Amy and I vowed after she went to the bridge that we would try to live our lives with Maggie love. I know we are all visitors and we feel so blessed that Maggie shared her life with us. The void and emptiness is so heavy but her presence will never be gone. Until we meet again Sweet Maggie our beautiful Angel daughter, love you with all I have. We will never forget to live like Maggie Love. Humble, kind and gracious. Play in paradise and go find Dharma, Wilton and Lincoln. Mommies will see at the 🌈bridge.

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