We received this facebook post and picture from Versace’s mom He hit the jackpot!!!

We received this facebook post and picture from Versace’s mom  He hit the jackpot!!!


About 8 months ago, after having followed several rescue groups on facebook looking to add to our family, I decided I wanted that dog to come from 100 + because I loved the work they were doing. Hubby & I had seen several dogs at different times that we were interested in, but each one would end up finding a home before we acted. It took us a little while to know we were ready as we had lost a very special dog (to cancer)1 yr prior and had already adopted a girl who turned out to have some issues in trust that we were working on. A day came that 100 + was doing an adoption event very close to our house and I told my husband that I just wanted to go and see the puppies and what dogs they had there. Little did we know that the dog for us was there waiting! It was love at first lick!! We knew we had to pick a special brother or sister for our girl that would let her “be her”. For that reason, we did a foster to adopt with this sweet boy. Well…it didn’t take long (about 5 days) to know Versace (nka Murphy) was HOME! We could not have “special ordered” a more perfect addition to our family. They have become best buddies and he has helped her so very much to come out of her shell…she is learning how to be a dog & loving it! We lovingly refer to them as Eyeore & Tigger!. He is our goofy cuddle bug and a Mama’s Boy that keeps us laughing and is loved SO MUCH!! We will be forever grateful to Amy, Carol, Tiffany and the 100 + Team for saving this boy and choosing us to be his family.
Happy 6 Month Adopt-A-Versay Murphy!!! (fka Versace)

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