We Have Wonderful News to share with all of you! Gino is Home!

We Have Wonderful News to share with all of you! Gino is Home! If you remember Gino, he was abandoned on the streets of Miami. Starving trying to survive. At the time we were full and could not take Gino in. A few days later we saw Gino was taken to the Kill shelter Miami Dade. We then noticed he had no interest in him and was going to be killed at the shelter. We just could not let this happen. We placed our hold and pulled him to safety. He went to Neighborhood Veterinary Center in Hallandale. Dr. Carlos then informed us Gino was not only emaciated but he was also heartworm positive and an older boy with A lot of arthritis in his spine. For months and months Gino waited in his kennel while he received his heartworm treatment and meds for his arthritis. Weekend after weekend we would take Gino to our adoption events praying someone would want to adopt or even foster. 2 weeks ago we received a call from a previous adopter of ours , An Angel with a heart bigger than words can describe. Richard who has 2 of our 100 + Dogs said , I Quote. ” I want an older dog that nobody wants” well here you have it. Gino is now forever Home! Richard says he is absolute perfection and he absolutely loves our Sweet Gino. As you will see from these photos Gino loves chairs and couches. Wherever Richard goes, Gino follows behind. We love you and appreciate your beautiful heart Richard. Happy life to our sweet Gino. It is this that restores our faith in humanity. Don’t you Agree?
Gino officially Adopted!
100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

Gino Adopted Collage

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