We have named him Bobo…

We have named him Bobo.
He was completely matted to the skin. After a full belly of warm chicken & a Much! Needed spa day Bobo is doing Amazing! The person filming this video is the founder and president of this organization over 4,000 dogs have been rescued from the most unimaginable living conditions. Please understand that we ran to this location within seconds to get him safe. Everything is documented and videoed live to keep our wonderful supporters updated on our ongoing mission. There always has to be somebody giving direction and guidance, Our Team has worked together for 9 years and again the adrenaline that goes through your body when you are rescuing in some situations is not always as we would like. For all of the people that are posting negative comments shame on you! What you should be focusing on is a team of Rescuers that drop everything to run out day or night to get these dogs safe and off the streets. So please think before posting. You’re hurtful negative comments do not help in any situation.
To all of our wonderful supporters thank you for your ongoing love and support. Bobo has been groomed he is all love. He is seeing our veterinarian this morning for bloodwork work vaccines and deworming and then we will get him on the neuter list. No owner has come forward as of yet.
We have posted several videos since this video please follow our page you can see the updates daily.
Thank you again for your love & support.
Look Here! Click this link for an awesome update on Bobo https://www.facebook.com/ABANDONEDDOGSEVERGLADES/videos/918842492272318/
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