We have More Fantastic News!!!

Adopted! Angelo one of the 29 we Rescued from the unimaginable hoarding house in Miami. When he was handed to us during the rescue we were told he was paralyzed. His pelvis completely shattered. Sitting in a Filthy cage covered in feces and urine. Thankfully Angelo can walk.and is such a sweet little boy. Surgery was out of the question. His pelvis healed on its own. Today an Angel Named Linda and her husband Adopted our sweet Angelo. Let’s just say Angelo will be loved, adored and spoiled for the rest of his days. A video is uploading now. We wanted to share some photos if Angelo in hid new home with his new siblings. Today is a Great Day in Rescue. Linda thank you for restoring our faith in humanity once again. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.
A message from his new mommy linda.
He gets along with his siblings..we’ll work on his diet to help with the constipation & teach him about puppy pads..he already uses the ramp on the porch & as u can see he uses the one up to the bench onto my bed..he is not shy & he knows what ‘no’ means..he’s precious we love him already..thank you so much..will keep u updated as we proceed..he has inspected the house & loves outside (on a leash with a harness).

Angelo Adopted Collage

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