This 6 month old male puppy was seen being THROWN out of a car this morning. His jaw is completely broken from a beating! He chased the car after the pos! We have named him Nerak. His surgery including his neuter and bloodwork is over 5,000.00 so we are Begging for your help. We do not have the funds, but will NOT let him suffer. He is on pain medication & can eat soft food. This happened on New Years Day! Let’s show Nerak his life is about to change for the Better. For the evil person who did this, may you get yours sooner than Later. Please Donate. 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida will take responsibility of this Dog. The person who found him and witnessed this dog with a BROKEN jaw being THROWN out of a car works for the Boarding Facility we board our dogs at. She does NOT have any funds for his surgery. If we do not take responsibility Nerak will not be able to get the surgery to save his little life. All Donations will go directly to his Surgery which will be taking place at Lauderdale Veterinarian Specialists.

Please donate. http://www.gofundme.com/jjw7l4


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