Hello everyone. Came down to Hollywood for The Patriot Awards (do not know how or why) but hotel let my best pal (since coming home from combat 8 years ago) out of not only my room but the enclosed hotel according to an eye witness. In the area of Polk street just East of i- 95.
Witness said GUNNY headed North parallel to 95 down the grassy housing area. GUNNY is a Black Lab WILL NOT BITE (but may be terribly afraid and hungry).
He is wearing a white bandana and a black collar with a blue bone-shaped tag with his name (and a telephone number that may or may not remember me. He took care of GUNNY for about 3 weeks four years ago ) but my number is 904.534.3569. please TEXT (I’M a bit deaf).
GUNNY is a chipped, neutered male and typically will not come to anyone. You cannot run after him, he will run. Walking slowly looking away from him, he may allow you to get close. No sudden moves… He will run.
He was given to me by the VA. JENNIFER Voice mail: (386) 366-6730.
I’ve been searching for him for two days in and around that area. But I must go back to Cocoa Beach, FL (about 6 hours North of Hollywood)..I can’t even describe my pain in leaving this area without GUNNY.
I filed a police report with OFFICERS TAYLOR AND PEREZ FROM HOLLYWOOD, (# 332111-191921); asked the garbage men in that area to keep an eye out; a kind couple said they’d spread the news at “the donut shop”(?) in front of Hollywood Gateway Inn on Hollywood Blvd just East of 95; Also spoke to the school police Officer at an Academy (forgot the name but starts with a “P”down if I remember correctly).. It’s down the street running North alongside Miami Subs on Hollywood Blvd.
2900 POLK ST
(954) 923-1516 (24 hours a day)
I can be TEXTED (a bit deaf) at 904-534-3569.
GUNNY was an unfamiliar to this house/area and was last seen as he ran towards the back alley alongside the EAST side of 95/Hollywood Blvd.
Please call anytime if spotted. He is not familiar with this area at all. He is spooked. 904.534.3569 TEXT (a bit deaf) or call, hopefully I hear the phone. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Be blessed and Happy upcoming holidays.
HOLLYWOOD GATEWAY INN 2900 POLK ST(954) 923-1516 (24 hours a day) (Re: Brenda Donohoe and “lost dog” Gunny that was in Room 102 on 16-18NOV); VA. JENNIFER Voice mail: (386) 366-6730. (Re: Brenda Donohoe and Gunny); orTEXT ME DIRECTLY: 904-534-3569

PLEASE DO NOT use MESSAGING, only TEXT or FB directly. I DO NOT have Messaging and will not be able to read if sent there. THANK YOU!!: 904-534-3569. TEXT Brenda

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