This could happen to any one of us!
We are being heard and we must continue to make calls and be the vooices of Princess & Duke sitting on Death Row at Port St. Lucie Shelter waiting to be possibly Killed due to BARKING! and Accusations from Neighbors. Animal Control Officer Lisa Brown Dragged these dogs away from their Family and are now on Death Row. Please be their Voice, Call! Write, let them know this is unacceptable and we will not quit until these innocent dogs are released and returned back to their family. Imagine if this was your family pet?
772-871-5163 City Manager Jeff Bremer or Email Twallace@cityofpsl.com or Jbremer@cityofpsl.com
Thank you Israel Balderas reporter from CBS12 for speaking out for Princess & Duke Please Start your Calls NOW! POWER IN NUMBERS!

100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.

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