Update on Tori…

I want to share with all of you the update I received on Tori. Remember we rescued her along with another little dog Dori right before the hurricane was supposed to hit abandoned outside in trash and filth alone and terrified. We had this wonderful family come to meet other dogs and fell in love with Tori.
They knew instantly this was their dog. The entire family piled up in the bathroom surrounding her with love hugs and kisses. A gorgeous condo on Miami Beach with a retired couple where she is being adored and spoiled every 2nd of her life. This is what it’s all about I hope this makes you smile as much as it did me. Here is Marta’s text.
I want to tell you about Tori , she is doing great ! We are in love with her , she is calm now and knows how to walk on a leash and gets to the elevator like a pro and knows the beach ! This morning very early at 6.30 am I took her out to the beach and a big dog with no leash was coming toe us so I got concern and pick her up , the owner a gentleman was walking behind and told me not to worry , I told him that I did not know how my little one was going to react , because I had for a day from the rescue , he told me mine is a rescue also I had him since he was 5 months , he smell her she did not care I put her down and we finish our walk . She is not eating a lot , she eats but not a lot . I mixed a little bit of the can dog food like as was told . Yet she is interested in human food . I have to Watch my husband because he is the one that loves to give treats . I told him not to do that now because I don’t want her to get sick . She behaves like she was always with us . Thank you so much ! She loves her zoomies!

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