Update on Tika, the German Shepherd drowning in the Green contaminated pool.

Good morning,
Here is the update on Tika the German Shepherd drowning in the Green contaminated pool. As you all know after we received an Urgent Plea for Help from a neighbor with the Disturbing video of clear distress & Neglect by the owners of Tika. Our Team rushed out to the location calling for backup from the officials & Animal control. Tika was removed by the Authorities along with citations issued to the owners which was left on their front door due to them NOT being home. Please Note Tika was outside alone living in Filthy deplorable conditions as you all saw from the videos we had posted from that day. Our Rescue immediately placed a Rescue hold on Tika once the 5 day hold was up. We sent emails daily asking for updates on Tika along with the 3 remaining dogs inside the home. The Neighbor stated Tika lived outside 24/7 The day the neighbor took the video of her witnessing Tika drowning in the green contaminated pool for over 2 hrs the neighbor knocked and knocked on the door to get the owners attention. Finally the son answered and said they were sleeping.
Apparently another neighbor assisted with getting Tika out of the pool safely. Still Tika was left outside after this incident. Clearly irresponsible by the owner. The yard completely covered in garbage & Feces. Our organization also contacted code enforcement for the living conditions. With All this being said we waited for a response from Broward Animal Care And Adoption as to when or if we could pull Tika from their shelter and into our organization. Sadly we received an email and here it is attached to the video. Please remember we are Not the Authorities. We must go through proper channels as we did. Sadly Tika was returned to her owner. Our hearts are broken for Tika. It is clear the owner is lying about Tika being outside. Let’s remember when our Rescue arrived on the location, Tika was outside, nobody home howling and barking in distress without water or food. The neighbors will continue to monitor this situation as we will. Tika has not been seen outside since she was returned to owner. To email your concerns
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