Update on Cassie and Sophie …

No Better way to start a day!
Both Cassie & Sophie Went Home!
If you remember the 2 dogs left tied to a tree in Rural Miami with a sign that said Free! Both have been spayed vaccinated microchipped and you’re not ready for their next journey in life. Their horrible past is behind them. Thank you to all who have donated thank you for your love and support. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

2 Comments on "Update on Cassie and Sophie …"

  • Marci Montgomery says

    I was wondering what became of Cassie? She is not listed on your page of adoptable dogs, but I couldn’t find a Happy Tails post for her. Something about her really touched me, and I’d love to hear her adoption story. The video listed above may have said, but it wouldn’t show up in either of two browsers.

  • 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Marci,

    Cassie was adopted on May 10th.