Update! Home has been found! Thank you!

Update! Home has been found! Thank you!
So very sad …..
11 years of age. Kona a female American losing her home & her family. They have had Kona since a puppy. I’m sure you can imagine how I felt receiving this call. Let me say, I am Not here to judge. What my heart is feeling is irrelevant. Kona is 11 yrs of age. Completely vetted house trained. Due to Allergies, Kona is losing her only home and family she has ever known.
I am begging all of you to please share and please let’s not turn this into a hate, bashing thread. It will Not help Kona. If you can offer Kona a loving place to live out her days, please contact us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com
Mention Kona. She is living with a Yorkie, so we will say dog friendly, meet and greet is a must.
Thank you in advance for your shares.
100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida

Courtesy Post - Kona 12.19.16 1 Courtesy Post - Kona 12.19.16

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