Update! Flower, Winston, Sasha & Simba

Update! Flower, Winston, Sasha & Simba

Update! Flower, Winston, Sasha & Simba
4 beautiful souls we saved from the Miami-Dade Animal Services kill shelter.
To inquire about Adoption please contact us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

5 Comments on "Update! Flower, Winston, Sasha & Simba"

  • Trish Wilson says

    I am interested in Flower. I have a beautiful home in Weeki.Wachee Fla and currently have a 3 yr old male schnauzer

  • Jackie Price says

    Is there anyway to transport a pet from Fl. to Sc.?

  • Mary McQuarrie says

    i love ion Calgary Alberta Canada. i have owned schnauzers all my life, all three sizes. my mini passed over three yrs ago. we very seldom get rescue schnauzers in Canada. i would take two wee girls if one is flower and if u would allow them to become Canadian. i do not work, i live alone, i am home 24/7. i have been with the same vet for 21 yrs. i fostered for 30 yrs. i have owned multiplies up to six a a time small and laarrggee. i’m not a good home i’m a great home. if u can get your flight for life people to fly them out i would gladly pay their adoption fee in u.s. and take a beaten on my Canadian dollar lol.

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Trish, please email us at 100@PlusAbandonedDogs@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Jackie, unfortunately we do not transport our rescues.