Today we rescued the sweetest little Angel.

Meet Lionel a 6 yr pomeranian nothing but skin & bones. The most FORGIVING grateful little boy. He stole our hearts immediately. To inquire about offering the sweetest boy a forever loving home, please contact me at

3 Comments on "Today we rescued the sweetest little Angel."

  • Martha Welters says

    Hi! My name is Martha Welters. My neighbor told me about your posting on facebook of your latest rescue Lionel, the little Pomeranian. I have had Pomeranians for as long as I can remember and have been looking for another one to fill the void of Nicky who was 16 1/2 when him passed away in October 2018. When I saw your video of Lionel I cried and cried because he remind me of my Nicky. I would really, really like to adopt him and bring some joy and companionship back into my home for both myself and my other Pomeranian/Terrier Mix Milo. So please get in
    contact with me at 305.342.3629(Cell) or email at
    I look forward in hearing from you.

    Martha Welters

  • Linda Doran says

    He is so sweet…

  • Edith Tran says

    Hi my name is Edith Tran and I have 2 yorkies. I would love for him to join us. We live in Gainesville Georgia. I do not have a fenced in yard. But we love to go to the park and hiking, it’s great fun. You may call me @ 770-561-1761. Thank you so much for your time.