Today we fight for Mommy Molly, Hector and their precious babies…

Today we fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Today we will give a voice to the voiceless!!! Right now as we speak, Amy and members of our crew, along with one of our wonderful vets, Dr Murray, are walking into a Miami-Dade Court house to testify in the cruelty case against the “so called owner” of Mommy Molly, Daddy Hector and their babies, that we saved from death row at MDAS in the most deplorable condition. We are making their voices heard and taking a stand in the hopes that the legal system will not fail them. We are pushing for the maximum allowable penalty by law for animal cruelty and we are praying that we get it!! I ask you to look at these photos of when we first brought this family into safety. How can a court of law let this person get away with this? So today we are asking for everyone to keep their thoughts and prayers with us as we take a stand, and we fight for those without a voice!!!

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Molly at MDAS2 Molly's baby at MDAS Molly at IP Hector Hecotr1 Molly at MDAS

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