Today is such a happy day for us..

Today is such a happy day for us.. although it is also very bittersweet.. our little Harmony, who has spent most of her young life in and out of hospitals, sadly has been diagnosed with kidney disease, there is no cure, there is only management..and making sure that every single day the we are blessed to have her with us, that she is happy, she is adored, spoiled, and loved!! Sadly the Dr’s believe that she may only make it to her 2nd birthday, which is devastating to hear..and even harder for someone to decide to open their hearts and home to adopt a puppy who they know they will only have for a short time.. well we found them!! This beautiful couple Yvette and her husband Pete, who are previous adopters of ours, saw our plea for help for little Harmony and reached out and said she is ours! She must come here, we did the meet and greet and it all worked out wonderful.. She will live the rest of her life in this beautiful, loving, dog paradise, with her new parents and her new pack.. she will still have lots of Dr’s appointments, she has to be on a special diet, with many different supplements to keep her on track, and we don’t know how long that will work.. BUT for now, and every day after, our little love Harmony, will be HOME, loved, spoiled and adored with her new family, and enjoying her life!! For that we are forever grateful! We all love you Harmony..and we love you Yvette and Pete!

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