Today is a NEW Day!

Yesterday I was tagged in a post on social media of a dog that was in a backyard up against a board terrified with fear. Without even blinking an eye I immediately rushed over to the location with Carol and Tiffany no plan in place. We knew we had to save this boy and get him off the streets. We walked the perimeter secured any holes to assure he would not escape and end up back on the streets. As we entered a yard that we have never seen before we assessed the situation before going into rescue mode. While we are so happy that this boy is safe with our organization and off the streets thanks to our amazing 100 + Team we are so saddened and disgusted
by the comments the keyboard Warriors that have so much to say but do nothing. We are going to stay focused on The Good , the positive the love and we will be blocking and deleting any negativity on our rescue page. We all know life is hard enough as it is & we will Not! Engage with the Ugly Negativity.
On another note we have given this boy the name Bobo after a muppet. Carol’s finger is perfect and healed. Bobo is eating drinking peeing and pooping warming up slowly to our wonderful volunteers. We have posted him on every site and reported him to the shelter. We have an appointment to get him groomed on Saturday morning and then we will make an appointment with our veterinarian. We thank you all for your love and your support and here is a little photo shoot of Pam & Bobo.

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