Today God Received another Angel… RIP Riley (mommy Phoebe)

Today God Received another Angel… RIP Riley (mommy Phoebe)

This is one of the most difficult posts I have had to write. Today God Received another Angel. Over a year ago we rescued 11 little lives from an unimaginable hoarding house in Liberty City Miami. Each dog was in worse condition than the next. This post is about our sweet little Angel Riley aka Mommy Phoebe.
Just a Tiny baby herself. We rescued her Full term Pregnant. Riley stayed at LVS to be monitored Around the Clock. She gave birth to her beautiful puppies. 1 sadly did not survive.
Riley was such a wonderful mommy to her puppies. Day after day , night after Night Riley had her Angel by her side. That Angel was and always will be our Lori Somers Lori would Not leave her side. All her puppies were adopted into loving Forever homes. Riley was officially Adopted by our Lori & her Husband Mark. To say they loved and adored Riley is an understatement. Riley went everywhere with Lori. They truly were and always will be soul mates. With completely shattered hearts we found out Riley came down with what the doctors believe meningitis. Lori & Mark Somers rushed Riley to the best specialist where they performed every test and started treatment immediately. Last night Riley passed in her sleep at home by her mommy loris side. This devastating news has literally torn our hearts out. We are asking All of you for your love and your prayers for this family who are suffering so. While we do not understand why, we know in our hearts Riley is watching over her mommy & Daddy. Until we meet again Riley. You will Always be with us in our hearts and our beautiful memories. Riley we love you and miss you so much. Please watch over your mommy and family Riley. Rest Easy Sweet baby girl. Know your mommy & Daddy loved you beyond measure. If Love could have saved you, you would have lived Forever.
Amy & our 100 + Team ♡

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  • Kim Doucette says

    Riley was shown more love in her short time with Lori than most dogs receive in a lifetime. She knew true love and peace. Nothing means more than that. Thank you all for the lives you save.