This video right here is the WHY behind it all!!

This video right here is the WHY behind it all!! This is WHY we do what we do. WHY we go out into unsafe areas and into the Everglades. WHY we are so utterly passionate about saving lives. WHY we have the strength to do it over and over and over again. It’s rescuing, reviving and rehoming journeys just like this happy girl’s! Rosie spent her entire life chained to a wall in a tiny backyard under trash and debris. She had never been let inside, she had never been given clean water or proper food. She was locked outside like she was worth nothing. The second she saw us she stuck her paw through the gate just trying to make human contact, begging to be saved. Despite living all alone and being neglected she is the HAPPIEST girl. Rosie’s life is now the best and she is treated like a princess every day. She has an overflowing toy bin, more beds than we can count and unconditional LOVE from her mommy Anna and daddy Sam. Rosie is the WHY!!
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

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