This is a photo posted by the Miami Dade animal control shelter. The dogs you see in this photo are all owner surrenders taken in as people prepared for their holiday vacations. This shelter has over 500 animals and no available runs. The dogs were tied up as they came in until something could be figured out.

We post this because every single shelter is experiencing the same thing. Every year at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas the shelters are overflowing with owner turn-in as people go on vacation and do not want to board their dogs or cats.

This is a REAL problem! Adopting a pet is adopting a life. So when you talk to someone that’s thinking about buying a dog, tell them to first take a stroll through their local shelter before making that decision. Millions of animals will die this year because their owners were irresponsible. Most of those could be saved if people would stop buying from pet stores and stop breeding until no more lives are lost. Please do everything you can to convince your friends and family to rescue a dog from a rescue organization or from a local shelter. And also try to educate everyone that you can on being a responsible pet owner. Dropping your pet at a kill shelter should not even be a consideration.

What will shelters like Miami Dade and shelters just like it all in the country have to do to make space? Well we all know the answer to that. Most of the dogs that you see in this photo will never make it out alive.

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