This is my heartfelt Urgent Plea for Albert

I do not want him to become the “forgotten dog” waiting almost 4 years for his chance and for his forever home.. 4 YEARS!! We saved Albie on March 20th 2015!! He went into a foster that did not work out and has been back with us ever since. He is not doing well in boarding, and hes not even here full time, because I have been taking him home with me, which means it is only going to get worse once he is full time. I am BEGGING You all to PLEASE SHARE ALBERT AND HIS STORY..PLEASE HELP ME GET HIM OUT OF HERE AND INTO HIS VERY OWN FOREVER LOVING HOME!!! PLEASE!! ITS HIS TURN!!
* Must be the only pet in the home!!
*Secured yard for a dog door is preferred unless retired and always home.
Please email to inquire about Albert.
100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

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