This is a courtesy post in hopes to find an owner.

This dog is safe with the finder. No microchip. Has been reported to every shelter and other sites. If you know who this dog belongs to please contact De. Thank you.
FOUND Yorkie 4/23 (small silver) – UPDATE 4/25 – still no Owner’s
Here’s a new pic of this sweet baby. I am exhausted from searching every viable website of lost dogs and nothing.
I’ve called every local vet and pet store/groomer.
She is posted everywhere.
I went through 6 months of lost dogs on PawBoost and my heart aches how many are lost.
This poor sweet dog is clearly depressed, she’s not engaging, she just sleeps. It breaks my heart.
I think she’s a senior dog and my gut tells me she was dumped. I hope I’m wrong and someone is missing her. 
Please share.
Call me, De’ at 954-410-9045 if you recognize her or know her family.

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