* This is a courtesy post, we do not have this dog and have not seen this dog. We received a call this evening and are sharing this information given to us by the person who found her in hopes to find her owner *

*update 4/9 – still no owner found. The finder still has her and will start looking for a home for her. We will update once that has been done *

*update 4/6 – still no owner found. She was taken to the vet for a rabies shot. She is not pregnant, she was checked just in case. She is not spayed and is 56lbs. We are still actively looking for an owner *

Younger female dog found this evening in downtown Ft Lauderdale off Broward Blvd near the Brightline station. She appears to be very sweet and has been given food and water this evening. She was scanned and is NOT microchipped and she does not have a collar/tags. Posts have been made on Next Door app and other social media outlets this evening as well. The person who found her is trying to find her owner. If you recognize this dog please call Gracie at 954-803-2374. 

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