This boy Boss was sitting in the scary Shelter in a cage Blind!

Our rescue organization could not turn away & we committed to saving his little Life. He’s older so overlooked with zero interest. Every life Matters to us!! Today we ask for your support by donating & praying.
Boss is on his way to the eye specialist Dr. Carastro where we are praying he is a candidate for cataract surgery to give him the wonderful gift of sight. Could you imagine? How wonderful this would be for him going from a completely black world to seeing everything life has to offer all the beautiful colors to open up his world. Please we are committed as we always are and follow through to the very very end. These are the dogs that need us the most that are overlooked and don’t usually make it out of the shelters. We are living in a disposable throwaway Society it breaks our hearts every single day seeing the voiceless the suffering The abuse. This boy was somebody’s dog and they disposed of him when they were through and didn’t want to deal with an older dog that is blind. We are here to pick up the pieces and show him that there is true unconditional love left in this world. Help us keep our promise to the sweetest boy right here boss. Thank you in advance for your love and your support we have everything crossed that he will be the perfect candidate for cataract surgery the power of prayer Amen ! 💙
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