They say life sometimes is unfair, today we feel this more than ever.

They say life sometimes is unfair, today we feel this more than ever. Our Sweet, Beautiful and so Special Tasha went to her next journey. I have to believe in my heart that there is a better journey that she now is on. Somehow when these things happen I tend to think of how small we really are in this vast Universe. I think in my mind when things like this happen that there’s something so much bigger than us, than right here and right now. Tasha was so very special such a very special kind soul. I have to believe that wherever she is she is now living the life that she deserved and never had here on Earth. In my mind I see her now fully restored and Happy. I’m not sure why this World is so cruel and sometimes Evil beyond comprehension. As in life we have ups and downs, in rescue this is an understatement. It seems one moment your heart is filled with joy and boundless happiness for those who finally find the Love and Happiness they deserve. It seems in another moment your heart is shattered knowing that there was a different plan and peace for them was not meant for them on this Earth. Hold on to the knowledge that there last moments on Earth were harnessed with boundless Love. RIP Sweet Tasha. Your life mattered and always will. I know in my heart a kinder journey greeted you. We will keep your memory alive in our hearts and feel blessed to have known you and were able to show you Love in between. See you again someday. Run Free ~ Rest Easy. Carol &
100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

Tasha RIP

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