These two girls have the most special bond!

This melts our hearts! Ruby (fka Betsy) and her sissy Fiona just adore each other and are inseparable <3Ruby was found tied to a pole. She had cherry eye surgery in both eyes and was initially adopted in January 2015 and then returned to us in November because the family no longer wanted her. They said she was “a nightmare”. Can you believe that??! We boarded Ruby at Camp Canine while we searched for a new, loving home for her. That’s where she met Fiona who was at Camp Canine for daycare while her mommy Molly was working. Fiona and Ruby became so bonded at Camp. Molly heard from the girls that work there about their bond and knew she just had bring Ruby home for good.┬áSuch a happy ending for our Ruby!!
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

Betsy Adopted18

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