The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Rescue!

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Rescue!
Marcus one of the puppies we rescued with his siblings and Mommy Bella after being found Abandoned on the streets of Miami then taken to the Miami-Dade Animal Services kill shelter. We pulled the entire family to safety under our rescue 100+ Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida. After a very thorough home check and process as we do with all our rescues, we received a call from the Adopters saying they had to return Marcus now renamed Max due to him biting, peeing, eating poop & that he would only reach 35 lbs full grown and they want a Bigger dog. No questions asked we demanded they return our puppy immediately to us. 5 days later we received an email from a Bruce wanting to meet Marcus to potentially Adopt. Bruce immediately fell in love. We did a home check and meet and greet with his dog scout. Marcus now renamed Max was officially Adopted and this time it was the Perfect Fit!
While our hearts were broken the day Max was returned from the first family, we are reminded daily everything happens for a reason. No coincidences in life. Max is finally home where he belongs with his Daddy Bruce & BIG Sister Scout. Update! Happy life Max!
After a long day of swimming and playing,
Max & Scout!

Bella puppy Marcus adopted 3rd time

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