The $5 challenge is back!

This is a $5 CHALLENGE!! We know you, our loyal supporters, have been on the edge of your seats waiting for news about Opal and the developments of catching puppy Nica. We have monitored the property nonstop for the last week, and today we got the last baby of this family. They are all reunited and warm tonight. They are safe. Though the “hard” part is over , it really is just beginning. We must vet each of these parasite infested babies, vaccinate, microchip & spay and neuter them. Mommy Opal is heartworm positive, she will require extensive treatment, vaccines & has to be spayed. On top of vetting these babies need to stay in boarding until each one finds a loving home. We need YOUR help with this part, we need donations! Your part is as important as our part, we brought them to safety, day and night we committed to our part, will you commit to yours and please donate..The Challenge is on!! Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org


pet_2138_1Carol and Opal

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