Thank you Reshareworthy for sharing our Sweet Frances.

We are their only voice of protection.

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5 Comments on "Thank you Reshareworthy for sharing our Sweet Frances."

  • Debra says

    How do I get Frances here to Ontario Canada, I would love to adopt her

  • karen smith says

    There is a dog named Willy at Orange Co. Animal Services. #A313229, rm. WD 140. Tel #407-836-3111. According to a fbk pic Willy is being mistreated!!! They were called and stated he was going to be picked up by rescue. I DONT TRUST THEM! Is it possible for you to check on him and other animals. If they are mistreating him, they’re doing the same to others!!!?

  • Mettie says

    We’re interested in adopting Frances. We live in Alabama. We currently have 2 large dogs (a Pyrenees and a senior lab), 2 small dogs, and 2 cats. All of the animals are non-aggressive and live together very harmoniously. There is also a 5 year old in the house. The 5 year old is very gentle and calm with the animals. There is almost always someone in the house 24 hours a day. We have a vet who takes very good care of all of our pets. If any of the residents of our household would be triggers for France’s, please let me know. I will begin filling out an application.

  • Julie McLandsborough says

    is frances still adoptable?? We live in Wisconsin, have a mellow lab and a nice big yard.

  • 100plus_admin says

    Frances is currently in being fostered by Jan, one of our crew members. We are looking for the perfect home for her in the South Florida area only. She needs to be close as she needs continued care. Thank you so much for loving her enough to want to adopt her. She really is a very special girl.