Sybil is adopted!!!

Almost 1 year. We were called after a little dog was left abandoned by his family. Lockbox on the door. Trash everywhere. Thankfully we gained Wrigley’s trust and we’re able to bring him into safety. we neutered him and we treated him for his heartworm. Now officially adopted and loving his wonderful life in Orlando. Before we left this property we decided to take a peek in the backyard that is where we came upon a chicken coop with a pad lock 32 cats left locked inside to die. We reached out to every rescue organization that we could with no luck. we took in all 32 cats. It has been a very long and tough journey, but we have homed all but 4 cats. Today sybil one of the 32 found her new mommy and we are so very grateful. Happy life sybil! 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.
If you can offer a home to one of the 4 remaining, please contact us at

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