Sweet Shayna from the Hoarder 29 is Available for Adoption

Sweet Shayna Available for Adoption
Rescued from a life of hell locked in a cage day and night with feces and urine
Where our 100 + Team rescued a total of 29 dogs. Shayna is between 2-3 yrs of age. A Panda Shepherd. Please reach out to us if you can offer Shayna a loving home. 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com or
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

1 Comment on "Sweet Shayna from the Hoarder 29 is Available for Adoption"

  • shari waite says

    l/m and emailed. im a gsd foster for another rescue in sw florida. i would love to foster to adopt her. not sure how she will be with other dogs in the coming weeks as she rehabs back to life. I would love to give her a forever home if she likes my family and is happy here.
    i have extensive experience with both medical fosters and abused dogs. due o her being kept in a cage she requires a slower rehab back to fitness.
    such a sweet girl.